Is it Important to Detail Your Car Before Selling?

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Detailing your car before selling is only important if you want to sell your car faster and for a higher price.  Pre-sale car detailing in Brisbane is worth it, as you can ask a higher price when selling.  A pre-sale car detail might seem like an extravagant approach, but it is utterly worth it.  It will pay for itself.  Cars that present in a pristine condition are easier to trade or sell.  Put yourself in the shoes of a car buyer who has viewed many dirty or smelly cars, then they find your detailed car. It just stands out.  It will attract a higher price as the purchaser can see themselves in the attractive car.  A detailed car will also tend to sell faster as they are presented so well.  Shiny hubs, buffed paintwork, polished chrome, deep-cleaned upholstery, odour-free carpets, sparkling lights and glistening glass gives fantastic eye candy for prospective car buyers.

It is important to detail your car as buyers who buy privately will assume a car that presents in beautiful condition has been well cared for and maintained.  They will arguably offer a better price for that peace of mind.  Quality car detailing by mobile car cleaning Brisbane will ensure the carpets and upholstery have stain treatments and are cleaned. Leather seats will be conditioned and restored.  The dash and console will be cleaned and polished.  The paintwork will be cleaned and polished too. We come to you as your premium Brisbane car detailing service.

Can I Detail My Car Myself?

Considering doing a pre-sale car detailing in Brisbane yourself?  It is possible, as long as you don’t mind spending your whole weekend doing it and you know all the tricks of the trade.  There are some excellent blogs describing how to wash your car like a pro.  Cleaning your own car to a spotless finish can include figuring out how to clean that weird stain on the back seat.  Then there are the little scratches on the doors and bumper, not to mention the funky smell where the kids have spilled…something.  Deep cleaning the interior of your vehicle to an immaculate finish is important.  A thorough vacuum and carpet clean is needed.  Cleaning the upholstery, cleaning and conditioning leather are important too, as well as cleaning and polishing the dashboard and console.  However, it is the exterior of the car that gives the first impression and there is never a second chance at a first impression.  

Scrubbing the wheels to a shiny finish and buffing and polishing the paint to a brilliant shine will complete the job.  Calling professional car detailing Brisbane is by far the best option for a fast and efficient detailing.  Mobile car detailing is the easiest, the professional detailer comes to you and cleans your car while you get on with the job of living life. We come to you as your premium Brisbane car detailing service – get in touch with us for all your detailing needs.

You Can Sell Your Vehicle faster and Potentially get a Higher Asking Price

Pre-sale car detailing Brisbane will be a benefit to you, as it will speed up your sale.   Your car will be more attractive to buyers.  Cars that present well achieve a higher price.  You may want to find car detailing near me for car detailing expertise.  Pre-sale car details such as exterior car detailing, will give an excellent first impression and presents the wow factor to buyers and dealers alike.  An interior car cleaning produces a car any buyer could see themselves in.  It is not full of other people’s dirt and rubbish, making it more attractive to buyers.  Pre-sale car detailing Brisbane will make your car sell faster and possibly for a higher asking price.

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Some people will tell you not to bother detailing your car if you are selling to a dealer or trading in your car.  They are wrong.  A car that a dealer can see will not require the time, money and effort to make it ready for sale is a way more attractive option than a car full of dirt and rubbish.  Using mobile car detailing Brisbane will help you achieve your goal of the highest price possible.  The better your vehicle looks, the faster it will sell. Wax on Wheels, Mobile car detailing Brisbane will help you achieve a faster sale and better price.

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