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Wax on Wheels is a mobile car detailing Brisbane and car wash service. We operate in over 250 suburbs covering the Brisbane metropolitan area. Our mission is to end the trade off between convenience and quality when it comes to mobile car detailing.

 We offer an affordable and professional mobile car detailing Brisbane service and car wash service that does not compromise on quality. We have a satisfaction guarantee so you can be assured we will leave your car clean, protected and sparkling inside and out. With Wax on Wheels Mobile Detailing you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for hours or someone using dirty towels scratching your paint.

 Let us give your car the care it deserves!

Protect Your Investment

We all know that cars depreciate in value over time. The cosmetics of your vehicle are just as important as how it runs so it's vital that you stay on top of keeping your car clean, inside and out. A regular car detailing Brisbane service is critical, without regular maintenance the exterior and interior of your car will fade, scratch and wither away and end up costing you a pretty penny to restore it to its former glory.

Maintain a Safe Envrionent

Did you know that there can be up to 7 times more bacteria found on your steering wheel than your toilet seat? Yuck!
Letting rubbish, food-scraps and oils from your body build up can create the perfect environment for bacteria, bad odours and viruses to thrive. As a professional car detailing Brisbane service, we ensure that we maintain a safe environment for your friends, family and yourself to enjoy.

Stand Out!

You should take pride in your car! We all have turned our heads at that glowing car that's driving down the road. Feel the burst of joy and excitement when you get into your car every day knowing that it looks and feels exceptional. We know as well as anyone that people love to look at and ride in clean cars. You can own that car that stands out on the street that your friends and family love to ride in. That is what a professional car detailing Brisbane service can do for you!

Providing Mobile Car Detailing Services to 277 Suburbs in Brisbane

Car Detailing Packages

All of our packages are easily customized by adding extras and upgrades when booking.


Exterior & Interior
$ 169
+30 SUV/4WD
  • Get an excellent clean inside and out. Includes carnauba wax application that creates a warm glow with up to 3 months protection. Try our In-n-out car detailing Brisbane service today!

Revive Interior

Deep interior clean
$ 199
+30 SUV/4WD
  • Perfect for reviving neglected interiors back to their former glory. Includes thorough interior detail with upholstery shampoo extraction. Try our Revive Interior car detailing Brisbane service today!


Ideal for pre-sale
$ 289
+30 SUV/4WD
  • Ideal for adding thousands in value to your car before sale or great for just giving your car a deep clean inside and out. Includes interior extraction. Try our Enhance car detailing Brisbane service today!

Correct & Protect

aka. Cut&Polish
$ 299
+30 SUV/4WD
  • Removes defects such as swirl marks and light scratches to create a glass like finish. We apply a high quality sealant to ensure it stays that way. Try our Correct & Protect car detailing Brisbane service today!

Full Detail

Our Signature Detail
$ 499
+30 SUV/4WD
  • A comprehensive detail. We pull out all the stops and do whatever is necessary to get your car looking it's best. Requires covered area and takes a full day. Try our Full Detail detailing Brisbane service today!

*Extra charges may apply to vehicles that require extra time or services

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A Perfect Match For

Busy Families
Car Fleets
Luxury Cars
Offices & Apartments
Business Owners
Real Estate Agents

Our Customers love our service, but don't take our word for it.


Regular maintenance for less than a cup of coffee.

Save up to 15% when you select a weekly, fortnightly or monthly plan when selecting our maintenance plan package and we will keep your car sparkling all year round, guaranteed! Enjoy the flexibility to pay as you go and reschedule or cancel at any time. It is completely flat-rate so you can rest easy knowing there will be no hidden fee’s. You must have a purchase a detail package prior to joining.

Drive with pride.

Waiting at the local car wash is a nightmare, besides, we are sure that you could come up with 100 ways to better spend those 2 hours whether it’s family, work or leisure. Simply book, we wash and you enjoy!

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The Importance of Paint Protection in Brisbane

When you book with Wax on Wheels for a car detailing Brisbane service, we want you to get the best bang for your buck. When you invest in paint protection, we ensure that your car is protected against the elements so it can stay shining for longer. 

Ensuring your cars paint is protected is essential – especially in Brisbane being one of the sunniest areas in Australia – they don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing! Long story short, your paint is about 6-9 times thinner than your credit card. This means that if you don’t have access to a garage, carport or your only option at work is open air parking – then the harsh Queensland sun is going to take it’s toll on your cars paint.

This is why having some form of protection on your cars paint is absolutely vital if you want to keep your car looking it’s best and maintain its value. We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen when exposed to UV rays for periods of time, our cars are no different. All of the products we use to protect your car, inside and out, have patented UV inhibitors and self cleaning abilities to make washing your car easier and prevent contaminants from bonding to your clear coat. 

This is one of the key factors in what differentiates a mobile car detailing Brisbane service from your local car wash. Not only are we experts in cleaning your car but we are also able to educate, protect and ensure you enjoy your investment for the years to come.

Looking for a mobile car detailing Brisbane service near you? At Wax on Wheels we take all the necessary steps to ensure your car is protected against the elements and looks outstanding. Whether you love the warm glow of a carnauba wax, the durability of a synthetic sealant or a spotless interior we have options to fit your needs.